Weight Management


Let’s face it, food is amazing. I love to eat, and I find that the most dependably delicious foods undermine maintaining a healthy weight. I have never had a bad M&M, but a mushy apple or overripe banana can often disappoint. And keeping active is a chore and can be hard to work into our busy schedules. It is no secret that an increasing number of Americans are overweight, and grapple with weight issues. Further, weight loss diets usually don’t result in long term weight loss. I work with overweight clients to assess their approach to body image and weight management and develop reachable healthy goals. My approach is multi-disciplined and addresses issues such as emotional eating and misguided behavioral patterns which put clients at risk for being overweight. I also work closely with registered dieticians and personal trainers in order for clients to develop a plan to reach healthy weight management goals that are reasonable, reachable and sustainable.