Family Therapy


Healthy family functioning is most likely the most central aspect of a happy life.  When we struggle with our family, other areas of our lives suffer, including our careers, school and community involvement.  Family stress puts family members at risk for mood disturbance and destructive behaviors such as infidelity, alcohol and substance abuse.  Families at any stage, from the birth of a first child to caring for a dying parent, can experience conflict, misunderstandings, and worse of all, estrangement.  I have vast experience in working with families in any life stage.  My approach is practical and interactive. I work very closely with families, drawing heavily from their understanding of themselves and I am very sensitive to culture, ethnicity, and family faith tradition. While the work can be challenging and sometimes uncomfortable, I encourage a balanced perspective addressing family strengths, using every opportunity for levity and humor as we develop healthy strategies that promote conflict resolution and healing.