Divorce & Blended Families


Divorce: Divorce is one of the most difficult life transitions couples and families face. The break-up of a marriage is crushing, even when it is ultimately a healthy choice. Children of all ages also feel upset and saddened by the end of their parents’ marriage. I offer couples and children a supportive and safe opportunity to discuss their pain and fear and help them adjust to their new life and family structure. I emphasize establishing a cooperative and respectful relationship with the former spouse that promotes dignity and self care, and minimizes unhealthy and destructive conflict. I help children, young and grown, to understand their grief, worry and loss which is common to all divorces and guide them and their parents toward a new family structure which allows children to freely love both parents and feel fully loved and cared-for in return.

Blended Families: The good news is that you have found new love. Remarriage is cause for celebration and is a time of joy and anticipation of a new life as a spouse and stepparent. Creating a blended family can also present some dicey challenges which are often best addressed in the neutral and comfortable environment that family therapy offers. I have worked extensively with blended families and have held workshops and classes on this important life transition. Parents, stepparents and children alike are often relieved to have clear guidelines and helpful recommendations which can result in a smooth transition to embracing loving relationships with the new members of their family.