Children & Adolescents


There is nothing more difficult for a parent to see their child suffer. Parents can feel helpless when children struggle with school, friends, anxiety, depression, ADHD, or perhaps most upsetting, in their relationship with you or other family members. My goal in working with children and teens is to get them feeling better sooner than later and out of the therapy office. I almost always invite parents to become part of the treatment and involve them in as much as possible in the helping process. I am not a therapist who holds parents at arm’s length; rather I depend on their understanding of their child to help me develop a therapy plan which will be most helpful for their child. Teenagers almost always need more privacy than younger children, and I ask that parents give us space in our work; however, I make sure the teen understands that their lives will be better if I can coach their parents in ways of parenting which will result in a better teen/parent fit. Therapy is supportive, but also strategic and in some ways, like tutoring. I teach kids skills which they will take through their lives which address their emotional, social and academic development.